Sports Program

Do you have a love of sports that you would like to share with children, while helping them to grow and love in a parish community?  If the answer is yes, then this might be a ministry you are interested in being a part of.

The St. Agnes Sports Program is an opportunity to help young people be more Christ like in the way that they live each day.  We focus on the whole development of our children and young adults in the hopes of helping to influence the formation of Christian values.  Our athletic programs foster the development of physical and social skills, while at the same time, focus on emotional growth.  

You do not need to be a professional athlete or even superior at the sport you are working with. The only skill required of an individual who is interested in this ministry is to love children, have patience, and to be an effective role model of Christ-like values and behaviors.  Your role will be not only to help our children as a teacher, but also as a mentor to help them learn important lessons through all athletic experiences. We will also work with you to have you coach the sport(s) that are of the greatest interest to you.  Our program spans throughout the year and sports change with each season.  We invite children from Pre-School up to eighth grade to participate. 

Volunteers meet the first Wednesday of every month from September to June.  Your commitment during the season is based upon the time of the year and the sport that you choose to be involved with.  In addition, if you choose to be a coach, you must attend a one-time class to obtain certification which will be provided to you.

We believe that our success in our Sports programs is not measured by the final score, but by the sense of community and enjoyment that is achieved by our children and young adults.  

For more information, please contact Dave Broadwell at 908-403-2860 or