Funeral Liturgy

Planning a funeral liturgy is a chance for family and friends to gather before Christ to mourn but also celebrate the life of your loved one. It is an opportunity to personalize the mass with readings and church hymns that reflect your loved ones faith journey in Christ.

Funeral Liturgy

For a funeral liturgy, family and friends have the opportunity to choose a reading from the Old Testament, a reading from the New Testament, a Universal Prayer, and 4 hymns to be placed throughout the Mass.


Eulogies are not permitted at funeral Masses. Words of Remembrance (which differ significantly from eulogies in that they specifically refer to the qualities of the DECEASED faith life and Christian discipleship) are more suited to the wake or repast.

In special circumstances, Words of Remembrance, can be permitted at the funeral Mass but are subject to strict guidelines outlined by the Cardinal Archbishop. (For example: only one person may speak, cannot exceed three minutes and must be approved by the Pastor before being said at Mass.) Please see guidelines here: Guidelines for Words of Remembrance

Please refer to our offered readings and hymns to help assist in your funeral liturgy planning. When you have made your selections please fill out the form to have your requests submitted to the office.

**Please note that we do not offer programs for funeral Masses. If you are making a booklet, please find the Order of the Funeral Mass here.

Old Testament Readings

Copy of Old.pdf

New Testament Readings

Copy of New.pdf

Universal Prayer

Copy of Universal.pdf

Hymn Selections

St Agnes Church funeral music selections 2022.pdf